Giant Robo: The Blu-Ray Box set - Promo Poster

A poster so EPIC, it needed 2 sides!

This is the pre-order privilege item available through certain retailers. The only thing typical about this poster is it is B2 size.

First, the poster has a heavier paper stock than usual. It is also printed on both sides with amazing illustrations by Akihiko Yamashita (one of the two original character designers from the OVA - who is currently an Animation Director at Studio Ghibli); one side features the IPO and the Celestial 9 while the other represents BF and the Magnificent 10. The iconic GR title (found on both sides) is printed in a red foil which was a pleasant surprise!

The only downside (if you can call it that) to this double sided poster is that in order to display this awesome poster to the fullest, you'll probably want to pick up two...
Alt Image(s): 
IPO Foil Logo
BF Foil Logo
DS poster
BF Side