Shizuma - Flashback

Much of Dr. Shizuma's story is told through flashbacks...and his reputation varies depending on who's telling the story.
A decent shot of Shizuma, unfortuantely the sketch is stuck to the cel. I would like to find one where he's not in a panic. * View GR Spoiler *
Dr. Shizuma truly thought that his colleague, Dr. Vogler, had died in an accident that Shizuma had caused testing a prototype energy device. Had Shizuma admitted his mistake, the project would have been cancelled, so the blame was pinned on the missing Dr. Vogler. Now that the prototype 'samples' seemed to have survived the accident, it is believed that Vogler is also alive and wants revenge against Shizuma and world that used his invention!

Shizuma Screen Grab
Actual Scene - Episode 2