Mini Shizuma Drive - Prototype I

shizuma drive
I'm sure every GR fan wants their own Shizuma Drive, but who wants to carry that attache case everywhere?
Here's my miniature shizuma drive. Of the the 3 drives I made, this one turned out the best in terms of the core being in the center. It measures about 1.5" inches from end to end (including the loops). Perfect for your key-chain.

For those of you who are curious, the tube is plastic and the end-caps are silver painted metal. I tinted a two-part resin green (which ended up too dark for my tastes) and dropped a red bead for the core. But the resin takes for ever to cure and the bead tends to sink so I have to wait until it starts to harden and try to center the bead while it sets. Very time consuming. Anyway I like how this turned out for a first attempt, but something is missing. So we move on to Shizuma Drive Prototype II...
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shizuma drive pic 2
It's small