Cervantes - Focused!

Cervantes - Focused!
Cervantes taking charge of the situation!
Cervantes, a member of the Magnificent 10, has the power of illusion. Unfortunately, we do not get to witness his abilities first-hand in his Episode 5 flashback appearance. But he does operate GR-2, and that's just as good :D * View GR Spoiler *
Cervantes is dead by the time "GR: The day the Earth stood still" OVA starts. Alberto mentions this as his motivation for revenge against Taiso. Cervantes and Alberto were very close, so much so, that they did not block each other psychically as other Mag 10 members do. They also dressed alike...(hard to imagine Alberto in a white/grey suit)

Cervantes Screen Grab
Actual Scene - Episode 5
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Cervantez Focused - Cel Only
Cervantes - Focused! Sketch