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Be Warned! This contains spoilers. If you haven't watched this Epic anime yet, proceed at your own risk.

Daisaku Kusamasearch for term
A boy who became fated to fight against the B.F. Organization after being voice registered as the controller of the world's mightiest robot weapon, Giant Robo. After his father, Robo's creator, and his loving mother were killed by B.F. Organization agents while trying to let him escape, he is all alone in the world. An ordinary adolescent would be surrounded by various sufferings due to the pain and sadness of bearing these things in his heart, but realizing that many people had been sacrificed to protect him and G. Robo, he is a stolid boy who will not make his feelings public and do things to cause the people around him any further trouble. What experiences will he, this sort of person, have from now on, and how will he grow up?... That is the theme of "Giant Robo".
Name: Daisaku Kusama
AKA: 'The Boy', Short Pants
Age: 12
Affiliation: IPO - Peking Branch
Rank: Expert of Justice - Operator of Giant Robo
Doki the Direct Descendantsearch for term
Skilled in physical skills and martial arts, who especially loves to fight with his seven-segment staff. Although he is a member of the Magnificent 10, normally the execution of his plans are doled out to B or C class agents, and he is for some reason strictly forbidden to enter into battle until the very last by a group of unidentified servants known as the Keppuu-Ren. Why he is permitted to have such special assistants is a mystery even within the Magnificent 10, but from the way he follows their instructions in public and private life, it almost appears that they are protecting him.
Name: Doki the Direct Descendant
Age: ??
Affiliation: Big Fire
Rank: Member of Magnificent 10