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Celestial Ninesearch for term
The IPO's equivalent to BF's Magnificent 10. Current roster: Taisou the Spiritual Buddhist, Tendou the Berserk, Sei the Bewitcher, Eigan, Silent Chuujou, Chief Ootsuka, Dick the Shepherd, Rinchuu the Panther Cub-Headed, Marshal Kanshin
Chief Chujosearch for term
It is rumored that Chujo has powers that surpass Tetsugyu and even Taiso, but because the strength of these powers are so great, no one has actually seen him go out and fight. Since he rarely ever lets his emotions show, he is called "Silent Chujo", but it is thought this may also be due to his having prohibited himself from using his powers recklessly. Furthermore, his past before joining the IPO is unknown.
Name: Chief Chujo
AKA: Silent Chujo, 'The Human Bomb'
Age: 45
Affiliation: IPO - Leader of Peking Branch
Rank: Member of the Celestial Nine