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Alberto the Impactsearch for term
Can freely control shockwaves. He has always wanted to defeat Taisou with his own hands after Taisou destroyed his best friend Cervantes and his right eye during the "Domino Operation", but since his fated rival chose to defend the lives of his friend more than his own, he has become surrounded by thoughts of hopelessness and purposelessness. Furthermore, having believed the objective of the B.F. Organization to be world domination, he holds doubts that the purpose of the current "Earth Cessation Operation" is nothing other than the extermination of all mankind, and has even begun to question the very intentions of Big Fire himself. What he will do from now on surely merits the closest of scrutiny.
Name: Alberto
AKA: Shocking Alberto, Lord Alberto, Shockwave Alberto
Age: 38
Affiliation: Big Fire
Rank: Member of the Magnificent 10.
Related to: Sunny the Magician (daughter)